This afternoon the school held a farewell and end of year gathering and the menu was pizza and chocolate cake. After teaching for 5 years (my God! 5 years!) this was the first time we had pizza for end of year celebration. I heard rumor that our American principal ordered pizza because if the menu is Indonesian food, he won’t be able to eat it.
Anyway, I didn’t mean to talk about pizza. I’m going to talk about my expat colleague that recently resign from school to take an opportunity to work in his hometown.  Geeee….these people, they are just like “kutu loncat”. Hopping from one place in this globe then hop again then hop..hop..hop. They are travelling the world meet new people, new opportunity and challenge.  I really envy them.  When will I get the chance of doing the same thing? expanding my view of this world? Visiting different places,  meet new people and learn from them.

Take It or Leave It

It has been 5 years. 5 years of amazingly excited yet sometimes horrified journey in this land of 5 suns. I enjoyed this last 5 years of teaching in kindergarten for 2 years, pre-kindergarten for 2 years and this year has been most confusing year for me. At the beginning of the year they assign me to teach year 1 then the new principal came, making a big change for everyone. Then he assigned me back to pre-kindergarten in the middle of the school academic year. No big problem for me. But then one day he called and assign me to teach year 5 next academic year. What?! I cant believe my ears. He didnt accept my refusal. Sure this will be a huge change for me. I dont want to do things that I dont like and I dont want to work under pressure anymore. So I’ll see…if it doesnt work, I shall leave it. 

“That Akward Moment when..”

I dreamt about him last night, the only man I have dance with. Funny to have a dream about him. Maybe because I saw him the other day on my way back to my class and without any certain reason, I just took the other way so that I don’t have to greet him.
The dance itself was just for fun activity. He took his students to my class for a summative assesment. His students doing lots of activities with my students and in return, we asked them to do this Tango excercise dance together and there’s a part of this Tango excercise when we ask the students to holding hands in pairs and dance. And then, it just happened, I asked him to hold my hand and were holding hands! And I was dancing and spinning and this time I was OK. But then the other teacher asked to do the Tango excercise again, this time, he asked me to dance and I felt something was wrong.
I felt a bit guilty to the man I commited to be together with.

“The Fourth Years”

So, this academic year will be the beginning of my fourth years of teaching in this lovely school. This year will be my second year teaching pre-kindy year level and this is my first year teaching expatriate students and i also got one special need student. So,….lets rock this academic year..!!!

“Love is….Compromising”

Susah banget ketika harus mengkompromikan sesuatu yang sangat prinsip, seperti pekerjaan contohnya. Untungnya dia cukup mengerti, walaupun awalnya kami harus beradu argumentasi masalah pekerjaanku. Akhir-akhir ini, ia tampak melunak. “Ok. nggak apa-apa kamu terus bekerja disana” mudah-mudahan dia memegang kata-katanya.

“Love is…Weird”

I thought 11 years of age differences will make a man wiser and less complicated, but somehow I feel it is much more easier to talk and make 19 four years old age children understand my point when talking to them. Weird…